Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Since my friends have been asking me to write more here I decided that maybe I should.
Haven't had time the last couple of weeks because of the new course I'm taking. It's a lot of fun and I enjoy every minute of it. The course is called weaving technics and you basically learn how to weave certain patterns, what they are called and how the machines work. As a fashion-freak I have never really thought about that part of the process in designing clothes until now. It really hit me the first lecture how important the weaving process is for the final product. And also what hit me was how amazingly fun weaving really is and how much knowledge that lies behind it! So the last couple of days I have been walking around looking at the different kinds of weaves that surrounds me.

One more thing I have to write about is how tired I am (already!) of all the girls walking around in tiny shorts and over knee stockings! They are everywhere I look and they all look like school girls trapped in the body of a 4-year old. Sure, it's hot right now, I get it. But pleeeeeeaaase get over it!

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Alice said...

there is nothing better than enjoying a good course, lucky you !

hahaha i love the spirit of that last paragraph :)
(thanks for me, that outfit is not arrived in Denmark yet)