Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Today my dear friend Helena and I had a discussion about Chloé and how wearable their clothes really are. I told her that I would never feel comfortable wearing their clothes and she agreed, but told me that there in fact were certain parts of their SS08 collection that she could see herself wearing. Anyway, I decided that I had to take a look and see what I could find since my interpretation of Chloé is that their clothes are far too cute, girlish and romantic for me.
This is what I found:

Actually I think I could imagine myself wearing these dresses. The first one maybe is a wee bit too cute but otherwise these dresses could work for me as well. My favorite of the three is the last one which I feel is the most wearable one as well. I can see myself in it going to a party this spring when it is just warm enough not to wear a cardigan. The only thing I have a problem with are the fabrics in the first and second picture. I know the floating transparent fabrics is high fashion this spring but I just can't see myself in them. And I would love to meet the ones out there who actually could see themselves wearing this in a couple of months:

I mean who doesn't want to walk around flashing their boobs for everyone to see?


Alice said...

my favorite dress is the same as yours :) i couldn't wear any of the others.. mostly the boobs flashing one !
and the good thing is, the favorite one, it feels like we could try to make it ourselves :)

Frida said...

yes i agree. the only problem will be the print. do you have any suggestions on how to make it?

Anonymous said...

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