Tuesday, 27 November 2007

New Years

The other day I was reminded that as christmas is arriving, so is new years eve. And as new years eve is arriving I have to find something to wear (goes for christmas as well, but that one I will spend with my family and so I don't care as much). This is why today's post is dedicated to clothes to wear on new years. If I only had 200$ to spare this is what I would be wearing. As you can see I'm into the LBD for this new years, which is because I feel that these are the dresses you can vary the most depending on what mood you're in.

Dress: simple but wonderful and looks comfortable as well!
Cardigan: goes well to the simple dress as it dresses it up and I love the bow
Shoes: the bold shoes makes the outfit look a bit less cute


Helena said...

You have so good taste! I want everythin on youre new years list. Please tell me that we are gonna spend new year together! We gonna look fab!

Alice said...

noooooo !!!!! no New years eve clothes !!! i hate them ! they make you look like a smoked salmon packaging !! they don't make you look "pretty tonight" they make you look like "oh you found your shiny new years eve outfit, that you HAD to find for tonight" i vote (for fashion) and i say NOOOOOO !
at the end, everybody will look like an H&M advertizing, where evreybody's shinny and wearing black posh stuff, and where the women are cocaine skinny, and the guys are hot but look stupid, and the kids are so perfect, and everybody's playing with ballons, and drinking champagne and.... what ? angry me ? no, why ?

Frida said...

helena: thanks babe =D
alice: i know! and when i was looking i wasn't looking for something shiny since i don't like shiny and sparkling clothes but then i found this cardigan and really liked it =)