Wednesday, 21 November 2007

my wardrobe

My friends seem to have a lot of opinions of what I'm writing about, which I like since they are giving me ideas. Alice told me that she wanted me to be a bit more personal. She wanted me to put pictures here of my outfits and so on, but as I told her I would gladely do so if I only had a photographer living in my wardrobe. But, as I'm not, there will be no outfit pictures here, for now at least. The only thing I could come up with that I actually could share with you is a picture of my "wardrobe". I took it one day (last week I think it was) when I came home from school and the light from my window caught my attention.


Alice said...

haha tack !! i see you took good notes !
more of those ! like outfits you composed, even if its not warn, just as a sample of your style :)
but god for a start :)

Frida said...

alice: haha always for you darl'! =P
well, we'll see, maybe I'll put outfit pictures here in the future. but this is sort of a sample of my style ;P