Monday, 26 November 2007


Once again I had to look at a SS08 collection to see if the clothes really were the way I had imagined them to be. In Sweden we have got a lot of prejudices against people wearing D&G (if you are Swedish you probably know exactly what I mean). Which is ridiculous really, but since there are a certain kind of people wearing these clothes it's a natural reaction I guess. Anyway, because of these prejudices I never really care about looking at D&G's new collections and so this was my project today.
You can tell the designer was inspired by the 70's hippies when making the collection. There are a lot of patchworks in denim and long dresses made of transparent fabrics (as everything else this spring).These parts of the collection I can't say I like although I find the dresses charming. There are other parts though that I actually find myself liking. These are some examples:

The reason why I like these styles I think is because they feel relaxed. They are girly but not too girly. They are dressed up but not formal. In other words, they look exactly like I wish to look this spring/summer: relaxed but stylish in a very non-provocative way.


Helena said...

Luv, Luv, Luv The Look with that grey cardigan and silk skirt. But those patchwork jeans? Hidious!

Frida said...

yes I know! I couldn't believe my eyes... but then again, I didn't know what to expect from D&G...