Wednesday, 12 November 2008


When I was 10 I decided to become a musical actor. I loved to dance and sing and perform. Sadly my dance teacher quit a few years later and I didn't like the new one. So I quit dancing and put my dreams aside. Everytime I think about it now though my belly is filled with butterflies and I can't stop smiling, I feel as if that is what I'm supposed to do. Whenever I see a musical I most of all feel jealous. It's as if that is all I ever wanted to be and that is where I would feel happy. Sadly I will never be a musical actor and I will probably never stop regreting that I quit dancing either.

Monday, 10 November 2008


Today my brother and his girlfriend made a surprise visit in the afternoon. We drank tea, ate cupcakes I baked yesterday, and talked about spring in Indonesia.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Commes des Garcons

I haven't been a huge fan of H&M's recent designer campaigns, this one though I find interesting. Commes des Garcons' collection for H&M is truly tastefull. Haven't had a look at it until today, since every collection I have seen so far of H&M's designer campaigns have been hidious, but I really like what I see this time. Would have loved the trenchcoat and any of the jackets.


Two of my favorite things in nature are dew and frost. This morning, as I was going back to Borås from my hometown Alingsås after celebrating my younger brother's birthday, there were frost everywhere. It is such a beautiful thing making the whole world look sparkling and delicate. And so now it's official - the winter has come to Sweden. I am now looking forward to many walks in the beautiful winter landscape and even more cold cheeks.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


When I was younger I used to play the violin. I played it for 10 years and even had music as my major in high school (or at least the equivalent to it in Sweden). Nowadays I don't play as much sadly. But even if I rarely pick it up anymore, the few times I do it makes me feel alive. It's a strange feeling, like the instrument being an extended part of yourself. If you have ever played an instrument you might understand what I'm talking about. The feeling of being able to express your thoughts trough something else than your mouth. All of these feelings together with the fact that a violin is a beautiful instruments always gives me cravings when I see one for sale. I want to pick it up and feel the wood and see the beautiful handicraft. If I only had 10 000 SEK on my bank account...

Monday, 3 November 2008

Every morning I wake up to watch you eat

On my way to work. They rang one hour ago needing help. Hope you'll all have a nice cosy evening. Looking forward to a cup of tea and another episode of True Blood when I get home.