Saturday, 29 December 2007


The last couple of days my bankaccount has been drained. I don't think that I have ever spent as much money at the same time on clothes in my whole life. And the most fantastic thing is that I love every garment equally as much. Unfortunately I can't find any photos of them on the internet, except from my Carin Wester-skirt (which I didn't buy on sale).

As I was going to pay it I actually found out that it is called "twist skirt" and I found the name just as adorable as the skirt itself.

I also bought a Pour femme jacket/tails, a Velour dress and a pair of Velour pants (also looking a bit "suit-ish"). I can almost promise that there will be pictures of those garments later on in the blog.

Anyway, I hope you have had a wonderful christmas and that you new years will be just as great as mine!

Thursday, 6 December 2007


I really envy Katie Holmes. Not because she is now married to Tom Cruise but because of her new haircut. It's so cute and feminine. And it really frames her face in a flattering way. I bet she doesn't have curls in her hair destroying the styling as soon as she steps out of the door. I don't like my curls.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Wishing well

If I had a wishing well I would wish for this outfit today as I'm in the mood for a luxurous shopping day ending with a glass of wine in a coctail bar with my friends.

Top: who wouldn't want to wear a relaxed yet gorgeous top by Sonia by Sonia Rykiel?
Skirt: this skirt is screaming powerfull female, and I love it!
Bag: I know it's Fendi but I love the colour, ok?
Shoes: I will do the verboten with you (if you only give me these) Dries Van Noten

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

New Years

The other day I was reminded that as christmas is arriving, so is new years eve. And as new years eve is arriving I have to find something to wear (goes for christmas as well, but that one I will spend with my family and so I don't care as much). This is why today's post is dedicated to clothes to wear on new years. If I only had 200$ to spare this is what I would be wearing. As you can see I'm into the LBD for this new years, which is because I feel that these are the dresses you can vary the most depending on what mood you're in.

Dress: simple but wonderful and looks comfortable as well!
Cardigan: goes well to the simple dress as it dresses it up and I love the bow
Shoes: the bold shoes makes the outfit look a bit less cute

Monday, 26 November 2007


Once again I had to look at a SS08 collection to see if the clothes really were the way I had imagined them to be. In Sweden we have got a lot of prejudices against people wearing D&G (if you are Swedish you probably know exactly what I mean). Which is ridiculous really, but since there are a certain kind of people wearing these clothes it's a natural reaction I guess. Anyway, because of these prejudices I never really care about looking at D&G's new collections and so this was my project today.
You can tell the designer was inspired by the 70's hippies when making the collection. There are a lot of patchworks in denim and long dresses made of transparent fabrics (as everything else this spring).These parts of the collection I can't say I like although I find the dresses charming. There are other parts though that I actually find myself liking. These are some examples:

The reason why I like these styles I think is because they feel relaxed. They are girly but not too girly. They are dressed up but not formal. In other words, they look exactly like I wish to look this spring/summer: relaxed but stylish in a very non-provocative way.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Hussein Chalayan

One of my favourite designers right now is Hussen Chalayan. Mostly because I'm fascinated by the futrististic look in all but also because I like that there is someone out there who dares to be innovative and try something new. I believe I could put every piece of his AW07 collection here and love them all, but since I don't have enough space, these are my favourites:

I love the way he uses the shapes to create drama and how he mixes what's worn today with something competely different, I mean, who else have thought about wearing latex tights/over-knee boots together with a suit before?

To return to what I wrote about yesterday about the fabrics this spring, I would like to say, that Hussein Chalayan knows how to use the transparent fabrics in a way that would make even me feel comfortable and filled with awe:

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

my wardrobe

My friends seem to have a lot of opinions of what I'm writing about, which I like since they are giving me ideas. Alice told me that she wanted me to be a bit more personal. She wanted me to put pictures here of my outfits and so on, but as I told her I would gladely do so if I only had a photographer living in my wardrobe. But, as I'm not, there will be no outfit pictures here, for now at least. The only thing I could come up with that I actually could share with you is a picture of my "wardrobe". I took it one day (last week I think it was) when I came home from school and the light from my window caught my attention.


Today my dear friend Helena and I had a discussion about Chloé and how wearable their clothes really are. I told her that I would never feel comfortable wearing their clothes and she agreed, but told me that there in fact were certain parts of their SS08 collection that she could see herself wearing. Anyway, I decided that I had to take a look and see what I could find since my interpretation of Chloé is that their clothes are far too cute, girlish and romantic for me.
This is what I found:

Actually I think I could imagine myself wearing these dresses. The first one maybe is a wee bit too cute but otherwise these dresses could work for me as well. My favorite of the three is the last one which I feel is the most wearable one as well. I can see myself in it going to a party this spring when it is just warm enough not to wear a cardigan. The only thing I have a problem with are the fabrics in the first and second picture. I know the floating transparent fabrics is high fashion this spring but I just can't see myself in them. And I would love to meet the ones out there who actually could see themselves wearing this in a couple of months:

I mean who doesn't want to walk around flashing their boobs for everyone to see?

Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Since my friends have been asking me to write more here I decided that maybe I should.
Haven't had time the last couple of weeks because of the new course I'm taking. It's a lot of fun and I enjoy every minute of it. The course is called weaving technics and you basically learn how to weave certain patterns, what they are called and how the machines work. As a fashion-freak I have never really thought about that part of the process in designing clothes until now. It really hit me the first lecture how important the weaving process is for the final product. And also what hit me was how amazingly fun weaving really is and how much knowledge that lies behind it! So the last couple of days I have been walking around looking at the different kinds of weaves that surrounds me.

One more thing I have to write about is how tired I am (already!) of all the girls walking around in tiny shorts and over knee stockings! They are everywhere I look and they all look like school girls trapped in the body of a 4-year old. Sure, it's hot right now, I get it. But pleeeeeeaaase get over it!

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Oscar de la Renta

In my dreams this is what I will be wearing this spring. I really like Oscar de la Renta's spring collection. Especially the sophisticated librarian/citygirl look mixed with the ethnic-style patterns.

Wednesday, 31 October 2007


I just love this look. The heavily oversized knitted scarf together with the oversized sweater just breakes my heart. And the fact that I love white shoppers with black motives doesn't make it any worse. Wish there would be people dressed like this in sweden but of course there isn't. Or maybe there are and it's just me living in the wrong city. This guy makes me wish I could have a discussion with him about fashion, because I'm pretty sure that whatever he would have to say about the subject would be interesting to hear. But, to be honest I would probably be too shy to talk to him even if there were guys dressing like him in this lame city. Anyway, enjoy.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

no title

Finally I found a name for my blog that wasn't already taken. But my search made me wonder how many blogs about fashion there are really? And how many of them are still in use? Apparently there are blogs called fashionista, fashionated, fashionating, fashionforfun, and so on, and so on... Anyway, i finally found a fitting name, I guess, and so I hereby name this blog vote for fashion.