Thursday, 22 November 2007

Hussein Chalayan

One of my favourite designers right now is Hussen Chalayan. Mostly because I'm fascinated by the futrististic look in all but also because I like that there is someone out there who dares to be innovative and try something new. I believe I could put every piece of his AW07 collection here and love them all, but since I don't have enough space, these are my favourites:

I love the way he uses the shapes to create drama and how he mixes what's worn today with something competely different, I mean, who else have thought about wearing latex tights/over-knee boots together with a suit before?

To return to what I wrote about yesterday about the fabrics this spring, I would like to say, that Hussein Chalayan knows how to use the transparent fabrics in a way that would make even me feel comfortable and filled with awe:

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