Tuesday, 26 August 2008

would you feel anything at all?

I am REALLY bad at this! Have to start planning my time. Maybe if I wrote down that I should post it would happen more often...

Came home from Malmö sunday and went to my brother yesterday to have a chat and drink some tea. We ended up going to the premier evening at the student pub to look at the new students. Saw some cool people I have to talk to during this year (it's my delayed new year's resolution).

The week in Malmö was great. Met some of my friends and looked at some bands playing. Wish I didn't have to go back. But that's life.

Right now I am trying to find motivation in my surroundings. Was thinking about maybe taking a french course. Could be nice having something else to think about during the afternoons.

Anyway, since I don't have anything smart to write I think I'll stop now. Immediately. Before you get even more bored.


Alice said...

haha bra ! jag kan hjälp dig med franska och du hjälp mig med svenska :D

Frida said...

vilken bra idé hjärtat! du börjar bli jätteduktig på svenska!