Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Today on my way home from work (about 10 pm) I found a kitten right next to the road and a few meters from the railway. No mother could be seen and it just sat there screaming for attention. What was I to do? After some laps back and forth, thinking I should take it home one minute and the next thinking I can't take care of a kitten, I finally decided what to do. Suddently I was standing outside my door holding the tiny little thing in my arms. I must be crazy. But right now as its laying right beside me in the bed sleeping I feel like I did the right thing. Just hope I can find a home for the poor thing tomorrow. Since I don't want to awaken it I can't get out of bed to get my camera, so you'll just have to settle for this picture I found on the internet. It looks very similar though. Almost as tiny and with a blackish brown fur. I promise to update tomorrow when I know what will happen to it.


The kitten is hopefully back where it belongs. Went back to the place where I found it this morning after talking to a man at a animal rescue centre. If it doesn't find it's way home I have at least done what I could at the moment (even more since we are not allowed to have animals in our apartments). Hope you'll live a happy life kitten.

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