Sunday, 25 January 2009

A/W 09

The other day I was kidding around with two of my friends and we where talking about dressing children and how we would love our children to be all dressed in Acne. I told my friend Helena her children could take over my children's clothing when they had outgrown them, her boyfriend then laughed at me and said "then they would be all dressed in grey and black". The point is that this is so true - I'm boring when it comes to color. If I where to rearrange my wardrobe it would be all in black, white, grey and beige. That same day I had bought two dresses, black dresses, and, believe it or not, three pairs of knee highs in grey and black. What a surprise.

Now, to what I was suppose to write about: men's fashion week! Had a look around on and found some things I really liked. Some examples follow:


Junya Wanatabe

Ann Demeulemeester

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