Sunday, 1 February 2009

Tie Your Tie

This whole weekend as been filled with music. Me and my friend, Moe, has been recording our band's first song. We started our band a couple of years ago but has never really gotten to the place where it's time to make it real. This january we finally decided though that is was time! It has been so much fun and I already look forward to our next session. We took a lot of pictures during our recordings but as it is they are only available on Moe's computer. This photo was taken at a small photoshoot we had a couple of weeks ago.

Listen to our music here


Alice said...

i am already fan !!
so cute ! i can't wait the next song :D
i added the song on my polaroid myspace, hope it'll bring you some visits :D

Frida said...

thanks babes! you're too cute!