Friday, 17 October 2008

So tired of wishing you were still here

I have been thinking back and forth about the glasses. Can't make up my mind and I have to return them today! So I'm posting pictures of them here, hoping you'll give me a comment about what you think. And even if I don't get the time to read the comments before I make up my mind I can at least see if I made the right choice.

Paul Frank "Drag Race to Freedom"

Paul Frank "Transistor"

Oh, that's right! I cut my hair a couple of weeks ago! Got so sick and tired of the old hairdo and decided to take a shot so I cut myself. Quite satisfied actually. Like myself in short hair much better.


christiaan said...

jej! i just checked out your page for the first time in ages and you are choosing new specs, jipee. i hope you choose drag race to freedom, i think they look best, so exciting to have new specs.
ha det bra

Frida said...

haha I'm so glad you say that because that's the pair I chose!
how are you these days?

Alice said...

first ones !!!

Lala said...

dom första!! skitfina! du är så snygg i din nya frilla! jag funderar också på att klippa mig kort... byebye ol' afro... puss!