Monday, 22 September 2008

another one... this is a boring day

Answer these questions by posting the first image that comes up on google image for the answer (although I cheated a bit chosing the nicest looking picture from the first page):

1. Your age on your next birthday

2. Your favorite color

3. The last meal you ate

4. Your bad habit

5. Your favourite fruit/vegetable

6. Your favorite animal

7.The town you live in

8. The most useful thing in your house

9. The name of your pet

10. Your most recent purchase

11. Something that makes you happy

12. Your first name

13. Your last name

This is almost like a picture puzzle. Can you guess what my answers were? For those of you who know me some of the answers should be quite easy to guess...


Cristi said...

I am DEFINITELY playing this game. asap.

what was your bad habit though? shy maybe?

Frida said...

haha you're good! shy it is!

Alice said...

so fuuny !! i am playing as well now !!!