Sunday, 9 March 2008

rainy sunday

Sorry, I know I haven't been posting anything for more than a week, but the thing is I have been ill most of the week. The weekend have been full of activities with friends and so today was actually the first day I felt like I had the time and energy to make another post, despite being tired as hell and having a really bad cold. By the way, I got my new perfume yesterday! Finally I'm a proud owner of the Prada perfume! (Thank you, once again, Christiaan!)

Have been at my aunt's place today celebrating her 45th birthday and I just got home, feeling a bit like going to bed at once. Despite being tired today the weekend have been wonderful and I would like to share what have been this weekend's soundtrack with you:
koop - come to me
(you can find it on myspace at

dress: Helena's
scarf: H&M
cardigan: Malene Birger
leggins: H&M
shoes: Vagabond


JoJosho said...

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Helena said...

Love youre outfit! You always manage to look cool without an effort! And you smell lovely!

christiaan said...

yay, you smell so delicious.

it was lovely to meet you, you are a kind and gentle soul.

Kalar said...

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Gardagami said...

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Fenrisar said...