Monday, 18 February 2008

House of Holland

When looking att the F/W collection by House of Holland you feel like you all of a sudden have landed in a fairy tale world. Most of the things are hideous. What did the stylist think of?


Anonymous said...

Adorei seu blog.


mr pengwyn said...

oh my! what amazing designs, the guys clothes look very tactile, look at those green pyjama things, ooh don't you want to just reach out and touch them? yes please. i think these are clothes for the individual, just to sit at home in your favourite chair running your hands over these crazy lovely to touch wonders.

from behind i think the girl in the top right picture has great looking clothes, but i suppose it is difficult to say for sure.

Frida said...

yes that's what i was thinking of as well, the materials must be amazing!

they actually look good... from behind. but when you see the design from the front - not so good.

but at least the designs make you happy. that's something =)